Quarters for CUE

In addition to our prayer project, throughout the month of February 2016 those in our Youth Ministry Program ARK (grades 6-12) will be in attendance at all our Masses with jars collecting Money for CUE Center for Missing Persons.

Our youth will speak at all the Masses in the beginning of January to let our parishioners know about our prayer project as well as our Quarters for CUE program in hopes of having all join us in prayer as well as donating to our cause so that Cue Center can continue to do what they do so well, help those families with a missing loved one through advocacy, search and rescue, awareness campaigns, education and so much more!

The youth in ARK have been inspired by the stories of many families of the missing, their loved ones and those like CUE founder Monica Caison and many awesome volunteers who give of themselves freely to help others. They make a difference daily in our world and make it a better place to live in; they are the grace disguised on our journey and give us hope!

Please feel free to help us get CUE Center to the next search by joining our parishioners and other churches by making a donation as well.

DONATE TO “QUARTERS FOR CUE” directly through CUE Center for Missing Person’s website CLICK HERE

2 thoughts on “Quarters for CUE

  1. I am happy to announce that the youth of ARK from Assumption Church in Hackettstown NJ raised $565.50 with the support of our parishioners for our Quarters for CUE project. Thank you to all who participated and donated. A check is on the way to CUE to help with all the amazing work they do!

  2. The totals are in and thanks to some very hardworking youth and generous parishioners we have surpassed our goal. This service project this year was done with St. Theodore’s in Washington NJ this year as well. Their youth prayed along with our youth daily and they collected Quarters outside their Church as well. Our combined efforts total $1072.00…awesome job by all. Next year we hope to add more churches to our efforts. Thanks to all involved and may God continue to bless you and be with you!

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