Unidentified-Princess Doe – Blairstown, New Jersey


What is known about Princess Doe:

Discovery date of the body: Thursday, July 15th, 1982 ~ 8:00am

The body of Princess Doe was discovered by local cemetery maintenance workers on the
southeast corner of the cemetery, just over the steep bank that leads down to the creek
below. The cemetery has been modified and expanded over the years so the exact location is
difficult to pin point. We have used a photo comparison from 1982 and present day to come
up with an excellent idea of where the body was found.

Location: The Cedar Ridge Cemetery in Blairstown, New Jersey (Warren County), USA
State Route 94 – Across from the old A&P Shopping Plaza. This is the largest cemetery in the
Blairstown area and relatively full at this point.

Cause of Death: Blunt force trauma to the head. The actual weapon was not found or

Approximate Age: 14-18 years – This is not exact due to the amount of time the body was
exposed and the climate in the area during that time.

Approximate Weight: 110 pounds (50kg)

Approximate Height: 5′ 2″ (157cm)

Hair Color: Medium Brown – Shoulder Length

Race: Caucasion/Non-Hispanic

Eye Color: Unknown

DNA: Entered in CODIS and available for comparison

Finger Prints: Available for comparison

Dentals: Available for comparison

Both ears were pierced, the left ear twice

The victim was found, partially clothed in a simple “peasant” skirt and a red short sleeved
shirt with yellow piping.  The
victim was found without any footwear or undergarments.

The victim was found with red nail polish on the right hand only.

No known surgical scars, birth marks or tattoos. Scars or marks on the head/face area would
not be known due to the condition of the body.

The front two teeth are slightly darker than the other teeth. Dental records are available for

The victim’s appendix and tonsils were intact

The victim was not pregnant and had never given birth. No conclusive evidence of sexual
assault was found but once again, this was difficult to determine because of the exposure of
the body.

Toxicology did not reveal any traces of drugs but is not 100% conclusive because of the time
lapse between the death and discovery of the body

It is believed that the body was discovered after 1-3 weeks of exposure – this was difficult to
determine because of the hot/humid weather in the area at the time.



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