🙏Project Prayer For The Missing-Zachary Malinowski

Zachary-Malinowski  animated_candle

Zachary was playing basketball with his friends on Sunday, August 25,2013. After playing ball, Zachary dropped off  one of his friends at a residence (Murray Johnson Rd, Conway, SC) and the other friend states that he and Zachary then went to a  lady’s residence  – 7th Avenue, in Aynor,SC. They both stayed at that residence until approximately 11:30pm. The friend states that Zachary left in Zachary’s vehicle (1996 dark purple/burgundy Chevy Beretta) to get something to eat. He hasn’t been seen since.

Horry County police say they have found the car of missing 19-year-old Zachary Matthew Malinowski and that is was burned. His car was found in the woods off of Valley Forge Road near Aynor. Police say the car was “completely burned.”
Judi Jordan (Aunt)

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