🙏Project Prayer For The Missing- Brian Sullivan

Brian-Sullivan animated_candle

Brian (19 years old) had just finished the spring semester at college. He bought a car with the money he saved from working. He was undecided on what to do stay in school in NY go out of state or to start working.

On July 7th we saw him before talking our dog to the park. When we came back he was gone. Not unusual. On July 8th he was seen at 5:30 am at Burger king. His car was found about a mile away. No sign of Brian. No foul play was suspected. But since then that has changed with tips that LE has got.

Brian left all of his clothes. He has not accessed his bank accounts. He had a large un-cashed check on his dresser.

Thank you to the youth group for keeping our Brian in your prayers.

Barbara Sullivan ( Mother)

Brian Sullivan’s website here

CUE Center profile here


2 thoughts on “🙏Project Prayer For The Missing- Brian Sullivan

  1. Brian and the Sullivan family are constant in my prayers, as well as an inspiration in my life. God bless you all every day, but especially during this Holiday Season.

  2. My heart is heavy for Brian and his family, especially during this time of year when families join together to share the holidays. My hopes are high that he will be found safe and sound and returned safely to his family.

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