🙏 Project Prayer For The Missing- Pamela Biggers

Pamela-Biggers animated_candle

Pam’s home is in Hueytown, Alabama.  On Sunday, January 27th, 2008, she traveled to Panama City, Florida for her job.  She traveled with some of her co-workers and everyone was staying in the same hotel, not the same room, but the same hotel.

She was last seen going into her hotel room around 7 pm that same night.  They were to meet in the lobby on Monday morning to go to their job, resetting a Winn Dixie.  Pam did not show up and they knew that something was wrong.  They checked her room and absolutely everything, key cards, purse, cell phone…all of her belongs were in the room and her car still parked in the hotel lot.  Pam has not been seen since.

I feel like she went missing because of some mental issues that had been recently noticeable, but I don’t know anything for sure except she is gone.  Pam’s husband also died this year and their boys are left with no parents.

Please remember them in your prayers please.  Thank you for praying for Pam and her family.

CUE Center Profile here

Thank you for praying for Pam and her family.

Paula Thomas ( Sister)


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