Project Prayer For The Missing- Kerry Johnson

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Missing since :09/14/82
Missing from: Salem, Marion County, Oregon.
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: 11/27/64
Age at disappearance: 17
Weight:160 pounds
White female
Dentals: Not available
DNA: Not available

Circumstances of Disappearance
Johnson was last seen hitchhiking to her cousin’s home in Salem, Oregon on September 14, 1982. She never arrived at the house and has not been heard from since that time.

If you have any information concerning Johnson’s case, please contact:
Salem Police Department
Missing Persons Unit

CUE Center Profile Here

At age 15 Kerry ran away for about six months.  She worked
at a carnival, she is 5’7″, built solid and knew
how to take care of herself.  The situation at home was
such that even while gone, she still called Mom every two
weeks to say “I’m ok, just not ready to come home
yet.”  When she did return, she was 16, she got
emancipated and lived with me for two years.  All was well,
she had friends and was working.  But then she and a
girlfriend decided to take some time off and go work at a
carnival.  They were hitch-hiking, Kerry learned to defend
herself against our brother Rock, so she could take care of
herself.  Anyway the first truck they got into was going to
CA and they decided to go visit my cousin down there.  On
the way they made some new friends, then returned home.

        The girlfriend and her boyfriend and Kerry then
drove to Reno to work at the fair.  But Kerry was restless,
so she went back to see the friends in CA.  She called us
from their house on 9-14-82 and said she was heading back to
Reno and would be home (in Oregon) on 10-1.  That is the
last we ever heard from her.  My Dad went to school with a
lady who is a psychic, her son knew Kerry, and Helen had
helped the police find kids already.  So she did a reading
and said Kerry got in a truck with Spanish writing on it,
that she had gotten really sick, but that she wasn’t dead.
 Three months later before Mom and Dad headed to CA to look
for her (she is in the police records as involuntarily
missing) Helen did another reading and said Kerry was much
better, she had taken a leadership position and she had a
cat.  Those last two are definitely Kerry traits!  But
that she had accepted the people she was with as her family
and did not know she was missing.

        Since there were already people in jail and
unwed Moms and lots of drug use in the family, plus how
close we have all been, there just isn’t anything Kerry
could have gotten into that she wouldn’t have let someone
know where she was, if she could. Plus she was the last of
all the cousins to turn 18 and we had been planning a big
sex, drugs and rock and roll party for months, on her b/day
as we would all be old enough then to thumb our noses at
rules – SMILE!   So we figure either she got sucked into a
cult, or she is a Jane Doe somewhere.   We just ask God to
watch over her where ever she is, to watch over all missing
children and their families, and if it is His will, that
they would come home to their families.


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