Project Prayer-Unsolved Homicide- Jason Dale Bolton

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Jason was killed on August 21, 1991 after attending a friends party in Fayette County Indiana, near the Fayette, Franklin and Rush county lines (Laurel Indiana)

Alot of people witnessed his death,and got scared, and are even too scared today, to talk about it.

Jason was  tortured.  His assailants decided to castrate him successfully! If just one person would have stepped Jason up to the plate and called for help, even though Jason was bleeding to death from the castration, he might have lived. When Jason passed out from the pain of the castration they all thought he was already dead, but he wasn’t,so they decided they had to get rid of his dead body somehow, so they staged a cover up!

They placed his body in the middle of the road,  then they went and got their own car and  one person steered the driver so that one of the tires would run right in between my legs, they had already had his legs spread eagle, and they slowly run this car in between his legs and over his chest cavity which instantly crushed his chest, and to the right of his head. He went fast and easy after that. But it’s been 20 years now!

They ruled Jason’s death an accidental death and said the car killed him when it run over him. Law Enforcement even took statements from 4 of the people involved in his death back at the party, and they just believe these four people about the car hitting a person laying in the middle of the road!

Website dedicated to Jason

Investigative Agency
Indiana State Police
Captain Ed Davis
9022 South State Rd. 67
Pendleton, IN 46064


I am writing to you with all my heart and a broken one at that. My brother Jason Dale Bolton killed on August 21, 1991. He at the time was a 16-year-old boy. In Fayette County Indiana, near the Fayette, Franklin and Rush county lines.

My family, many others, as well as myself believe with all our hearts he was not only murdered, but that parts of his privates were cut off, and his body mutilated in other ways as well. This coroners report shows this ever so clearly. His killers also ran over him as well. They were trying to make it look like an accident to the police.
Sadly, there was not a comprehensive investigation by police. We (the family) did not know that his private parts were cut off or the other things done to him. I only found these things out through the Rights to Information Act just recently. His killers were drug addicts, child molesters, rapist, pedophiles, etc. Most of these people that were involved have been in prison, for such things in the years after Jason’s murder. They were also involved in such things before Jason’s death but got away with them for the most part.
We believe, the police may have been afraid in that this was such a horrifying crime and they took the easy way out. Sorrowfully the police got their information from the people responsible for the crime and cover up. I can understand in some degree law enforcement not wanting to hurt our family further, at the time with the details and not telling us, at that time. Yet, to do a real investigation law enforcement should have been up front with the family. Foul play, had to be suspected in his death at that time. We believed so, not even knowing the facts until years later. However, what we cannot understand is when we have tried to talk with law enforcement, after Jason’s funeral and share what we know, we are disregarded. Based on the lies told at that time, they ruled it an accident. Jason my brother was killed, at the age of 16 years in a most horrific way.
The very people doing the cover up were the ones, which the police got their information. They lied to the police and the police based their conclusions on these untruths. They made a critical mistake by not talking with our family and not sharing information, about Jason’s death, with the family.
My family has tried to get this case investigated for years only to be told that it is not important enough for them (law enforcement) to spend their time and money on. We have suffered thousands of times over. Jason’s death is now on the back burner and left there. I am now told there are no funds or manpower to work Jason’s case. The facts of the case warrant a thorough investigation, just as if he were today. The same efforts should warrant now, that the family is privy to how this was botched up, at that time.
I with the help of others am trying to get Americans Most Wanted, FBI and others involved, hopefully with some success albeit this is a slow process.
I am begging you for your help. Please put an end to our suffering for justice. My brother was with the wrong crowd; these were our neighbors, the people we grew up with all of our life. I only want the truth found. He was murdered and we his loved ones need to have these people brought to justice, as does society. Jason is a human being and he needs to have his killers held accountable also. We need the truth so we can at least have some closer.
His killers, because of being let go have lived lives of the most hideous of crimes. They should be taken out of society that time. Please do not allow them to continue their ways. My family has suffered all these years instead of them. They have made a mockery of our justice system. I ask again for your help in this matter. Please, help us find justice so we can find some peace and healing.
I have documentation to support my beliefs which I long to share if you will find it in your heart to investigate. I pray that you will put me in touch with the right people; I have so much to share. I need someone with an open mind, heart, compassion and empathy. I want to work with law enforcement. My desire is for the truth to come out. I have no problem forgiving law enforcement for their mistakes. That is not what this is about, as we made our mistakes in Jason’s life as well. Please allow your heart and understanding to open up an honest investigation into Jason’s death. This is all we ask.

Thank you.. Tomi Bolton Schmid-Sister


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